Nuremberg 2021

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Spielwarenmesse 2021 in Nuremberg to take place in summer for the first time

The Spielwarenmesse at Nuremberg’s exhibition centre traditionally opens its doors at the beginning of the year. Scheduled to run from 27 to 31 January 2021, the event has been called off in good time as a direct result of the persisting Covid-19 pandemic. For the first time in its long history, the world’s leading toy fair has been postponed until the summer by organiser Spielwarenmesse eG. The decision was made by the supervisory board on 24 September and comes in the face of rising infection rates and further restrictions on travel.

A short-term solution to the global challenge of Covid-19 is not yet in sight. The new change in circumstances and concerns over the health of all participants make it almost impossible to stage the Spielwarenmesse and guarantee the customary level of quality at the end of January. Many countries around the world are currently experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of Covid-19 infections, leading to new travel restrictions also in major European cities. These developments are casting doubt among exhibitors and visitors over whether they should be taking part in an international trade fair. This uncertainty has been voiced in intensive discussions with the Spielwarenmesse team.

Ernst Kick, CEO of Spielwarenmesse eG, stated: “We very much regret the decision to postpone the Spielwarenmesse 2021.” Preparations for the 72nd event in January were already well under way. Based on the guidelines of the Bavarian State Government, the Health & Hygiene Concept drawn up in collaboration with the local health authorities and venue operator NürnbergMesse, was well received by all participants. “I’d like to thank everyone who joined us on this path, and I feel sure that the improvements we have made will benefit all future events and appearances,” concluded Mr Kick.

Objet : Press Release: Dates announced for the Spielwarenmesse 2021 Summer Edition

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Spielwarenmesse eG has announced the new dates for its next event in Nuremberg: The Spielwarenmesse 2021 Summer Edition is taking place at the Exhibition Centre from 20 to 24 July 2021. Read more in the following press release or on our website at

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Press Release of Spielwarenmesse eG

Dates announced for the Spielwarenmesse 2021 Summer Edition

The toy industry has been waiting with bated breath for the release of new dates for the next Spielwarenmesse. The summer edition is now scheduled to open its doors at the Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg from 20 to 24 July 2021. In the face of the persisting Covid-19 pandemic, organiser Spielwarenmesse eG was forced to postpone the event for the first time in its history from January until the summer. The announcement comes as preparations for the Spielwarenmesse 2021 Summer Edition get under way.

“My team and I are delighted to be organising a live event again, something the market is clearly longing for,” states Ernst Kick, CEO of Spielwarenmesse eG, revealing: “In light of the new dates, the concept will differ from the winter event and will be tailored to the needs of both exhibitors and visitors.” Now running from Tuesday to Saturday, the new choice of days reflects the wish of many retailers and buyers to include an extra weekday. In terms of content, the industry is supporting the organiser’s plan to present a relevant offering of information and product innovations, where the Christmas season plays as much a role as the outlook for the year ahead.

Spielwarenmesse eG will announce further details of the new concept over the coming months. As an additional service, the website at and the Spielwarenmesse App will continue to expand its year-round offering of information for the toy industry.

Si cela fait comme pour le salon des transports Innotrans de Berlin, initialement prévu du 21 au 24 septembre 2020, reporté à fin avril 2021, puis finalement annulé aussi en 2021 pour ne reprendre son cours normal qu’en septembre 2022.
Donc, il faut s’attendre à quelque chose du même acabit pour la Spielwarrenmesse; aucun intérêt d’annoncer les nouveautés 2021 lors d’un salon placé en juillet alors que le salon suivant sera fin janvier 2022, soit 6 mois après. Autant rester sur le schéma du calendrier d’annonce des nouveautés fin janvier de chaque année et avoir une “année blanche” en 2021.

Parce que vous pensez que le Covid aura disparu en 2021?!?!
Il faut se mettre dans la tête que les logiques d’antan ne sont plus d’actualité
L’été sera la seule période propice aux salons dorénavant

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On ne parle plus l’allemand à Nuremberg ? Le globish, cela commence à bien faire…

Je rebondis sur ce sujet car vu comme c’est parti, je crains que Nuremberg 2021 va être annulé en raison de la crise du Covid.
En effet, on parle d’un vaccin qui n’est toujours pas disponible et surtout d’une troisième vague début 2021. A ce compte là, il va falloir se résigner à avoir uniquement des annonces sur le Net et les revues spécialisées comme LR et RMF.
Je ne crois pas que les organisateurs de cette manifestation vont se risquer à l’organiser l’année prochaine.
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